It’s Been Awhile…

… since I’ve posted anything here.

I’ve not STOPPED blogging. I seem to be blogging on other sites  more than I do here so I’m not as out of practice as I may seem. However… We’ve recently been getting a lot of emails thru my “contact me” page from this site, so I thought I would write.

For some time, I’ve felt I had nothing more or new to say that I haven’t already said. But due to these recent emails and cries for help, I thought I would say this:

I know it might feel like the end.
I know it feels hopeless.
I know you feel like you want to go to sleep and never wake up.

I know how that feels. Consequences to human actions have a way of doing that.

BUT… once you’re in the light and out of the darkness, you have nothing to fear. Consequences will still occur but nothing can fester. The best part about light? There’s nothing left to hide.

This is where healing happens. And that’s good. 

With that said… healing hurts. There’s nothing about healing that is comfortable. But healing pain is a positive pain. Healing pain leads to restoration. Rest. Allow healing. Allow grieving. Move forward.

It’s NOT the end.
It’s NOT hopeless.
Your life is JUST beginning.

It’s been awhile…

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  1. Wendy October 21, 2013 at 7:18 am #

    I agree with everything you said! Healing hurts and is hard but so so worth it. What I love the most and what I didn’t believe could be true is…Your life is JUST beginning!!! So true!

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