Moldova 2014: 24 Hours of Travel

Team Paseo

Today was such a long day of travel.

Brian, Joe, Tacey and I have finally met the rest of our Team Moldova face-to-face after planning all these months.

We left El Paso, Texas at 3:00pm and landed in Moldova about 24 hours later. Three of our team members had to change flights last minute to even get to Chicago (our meeting point before leaving the country) due to weather or cancellations. We were so thankful we all finally made it on the same flight though.

I was really impressed with our overseas flight with Turkish Airlines. They were as comfortable as it could possibly have been in economy class. They started the flight off right with a Turkish Delight for all the passengers. I think of Narnia every time I have a Turkish Delight. And it didn’t stop there. The food just kept on coming. My love language!

Our Flight

If you look real close… you can see Joe coming off the plane holding a djembe over his shoulder. He’s a trooper.

Team Moldova 2014

Here’s our whole team on our layover in Istanbul. First stop was, of course, coffee. Michael was the only one who slept the whole trip. Don’t look at that random guy reading behind Joe though. He was an accidental photobomber. Oh… and I’m technically in the photo cuz my forehead is there. It counts.

On our last leg from Istanbul to Chisinau, Moldova, a thick fog settled in. The flight should only have been 1 hour and 2 minutes long… but we ended up circling Chisinau for an extra 1.5 hours to wait out the weather. They finally announced they were going to attempt to land (which is always such an encouraging word when your life depends on it). With that, they descended into the thickest fog I have ever seen. When we finally landed (with a hard thud), we heard the most explosive celebratory screams and applause from Moldavians who were just excited to alive.

When were finally on the ground, We could barely see our hands in front of our faces. Fog was thick. And beautiful. And crisp. Best part… seeing Vladimir again. Love that man and his heart. I can’t wait for our team to spend the week with him.

Airport Fun Facts: Apparently, all countries like to give Tacey a hard time. In Istanbul, they made her take her hat off and gave her “that” look. And once we landed in Moldova, they questioned her about her suitcase. I guess it makes sense though, because Tacey looks like a terrorist? Then… on top of all that, NONE of Rolando and Jerry’s luggage got here tonight. They’re doing good laughing it off and just making the best of it. That’s really just the last thing you want after 24 hours of travel.

Passport Fun Facts: Joe’s passport was taken when he was 12 or so. Because in his passport photo, his hair is on his head and none on his face. As you now know… he is bald with a beard. Multiple double and triple takes. Sometimes, they even passed his passport onto a co-worker for a quadruple check.

I’ve obviously brought a team of misfits with me.

Well… it’s now 1:20am here in Moldova. We’re checked into our rooms. Brian and I got to talk to our kids for a few minutes. It’s been a full day. It’s time to let this day go.

Goodnight everyone… Thanks for reading, thanks for praying, and thanks for your support. I’ll check in tomorrow!


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  1. Makeda February 11, 2014 at 5:17 pm #

    So glad you all landed safely. Hate that bags were lost though. Praying they get there quickly. Hope you get some good rest tonight. Give my love to everyone there.

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