Moldova 2014: Day 1

Guest post by the hubs, Brian Clayville.


Today was my first real introduction to the team at Beginning Of Life. My eyes were opened to the realities of life in Moldova. Listening to Vladimir give us a history lesson then discussing his vision for the future was simply amazing. My favorite quote of the day came after he described how challenging life is for most people living here. He quickly moved the conversation toward changing his country:

“Hope is not a good word for what I feel, it’s too weak. It might happen it might not, what I feel is much stronger because I know we can make a change for the future.”

That is so inspiring when you look at the odds stacked against him, his ministry and his team. They are fighting the unchecked greed of powerful people with no concern for the average citizen of their country. They are fighting against a spiritual force that wants to keep people captive to sin and hopelessness. This battle is much bigger than what we can see but so is the God we serve. It is evident in the lives of each team member we have interacted with. They are humble, they are dedicated and they love the people they serve.

Today we spent time at the House of Change (a rehabilitation home for girls who were victims of trafficking ages 14-30) where we got a great overview of the 1 year program. It was really encouraging to see that they use a holistic approach to recovery. Intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual. They want to show the girls God’s love through actions and words and walk with them to a full and productive life.

Next we spent time at the Dream Center which focuses on prevention of trafficking. This was simply incredible. These are teenage girls that lived in small villages around the country and have been left either by death of parents or because their parents have had to travel far away to find work. We got to hear all about what happens in the house and then the girls came in and spent some time hearing about our worlds. Then Jenni sang a beautiful song which opened the girls up big time. Soon everyone was singing and dancing and having a great time. It was so fun to see them just open up and have so much fun with us, a bunch of strangers from a foreign country.

To wrap up a full day we had dinner at a local favorite, La Placinta. They serve a lot of local favorites and I think we all really enjoyed our food. I tried at least 5 different items getting quite full. That leaves me ready for some sleep. We are still catching up from our 24 hours of travel to get here.

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  1. Douglas Young February 12, 2014 at 2:45 pm #

    Praying that your trip lends itself to the expansion of God’s kingdom…

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